Standing at the Crossroads



Standing at a Crossroads (1996) came at a time of change in my life. I was in the process of changing the focus in my teaching career, moving out of the area I had taught in for 22 years and increasing my class load in another area. The title song was inspired by the difficulties I had moving out of my comfort zone and recognizing the fact that everybody goes through similar feelings anytime they make a big decision.

Other songs on the album were inspired by students I had taught (Wannabee Cowboy) and by an experience while camping with my family (Tell Me Why). Hard Line was inspired by a trip to the doctor to get my annual physical. I’m Beside Myself was written in response to the English department’s admonition to students to avoid cliches. I took their list and tried to use as many of them as possible in one song just for fun.



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