Boyhood Dreams



Boyhood Dreams has a few songs that I wrote early in my songwriting career that have been reworked. Endless Highway came from my experiences driving a truck for my father’s company during college. Autumn Gold was inspired by a hike I took in the fall through the Wasatch Mountains. Season for Love was written during my lunch break one day while I was taking a summer class.

I didn’t even have a guitar with me but I had the entire song; lyrics, melody, and chords, completed and I played it when I got home that evening. For Just a Little Bit Longer is an older tune of mine that I re-wrote two years ago to add a bridge and a strengthen the message. Gus was written by a former student of mine, Rich McDermott, when he was in my guitar class many years ago. I have performed the song for many years and appreciate his permission to record it on the album. Hope was inspired by my fund raising efforts for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, a cause my wife and I have been committed to for some time, but the song is a message to simply foster hope in anyone who needs help overcoming a difficult time. “This Guitar” was written with and for my old Guild D-25 guitar that I love so much. It is definitely scratched and dented but it sounds so amazing and it has been a part of my songwriting efforts since 1984. I usually perform with my Martin but I love the Guild. “Everyday Heroes” was written to salute those who perform heroic things in life. Some like the soldier or “Suley” the pilot are heroes in the sense that they have actually performed a heroic deed but many other people in our lives are heroes in their own right. Teachers, doctors, firemen, police, religious leaders, and even parents and friends who effect us in a positive way are, in fact, everyday heroes. Lastly, “Boyhood Dreams” is a one of my favorite songs. It is a song about experiences growing up in a small town in eastern New Mexico when we were free to just do the things that kids do.



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