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Mike Murphy has currently released 3 studio albums which you can listen, purchase, and learn more about by clicking on the album below.

Boyhood Dreams

April 2010

Boyhood Dreams (2010)  has a few songs that I wrote early in my songwriting career that have been reworked.  Endless Highway came from my experiences driving a truck for my father's company during college.  Autumn Gold was inspired by a hike I took in the fall through the Wasatch Mountains.  Season for Love was written during my lunch break one day while I was taking a summer class.  Read More…



The album "Friends"(2001) contains a lot of songs that have great meaning to me.  The title song was written about a teacher friend of mine who passed away from breast cancer back in the 80's.  She was an older lady who was kind of like a grandmother to me in my early teaching years.  I sang her the song while she was still alive. Through a Father's Eyes was written for and about my own children. Read More…

Standing at the Crossroads


Standing at a Crossroads (1996) came at a time of change in my life.  I was in the process of changing the focus in my teaching career, moving out of the area I had taught in for 22 years and increasing my class load in another area.  The title song was inspired by the difficulties I had moving out of my comfort zone and recognizing the fact that everybody goes through similar feelings anytime they make a big decision.  Other songs on the album were inspired by …Read More

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